Austere Modern Design With A Dash Of Colorful Fun


ALH Residence by Mim Design

When Mim Design began the renovation on this Melbourne, Australia home, the design brief focused on incorporating fun, modern touches, while staying true to the original Spanish Mission style. The Malvern East neighborhood, where the house is located, is home to a verdant suburb as well as the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere—the Australian equivalent to the Los Angeles sprawl.

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ALH Residence by Mim Design


An Australian Special Rural Property


Wall and Wall House by Dane Design Australia

Ecological stamps of approval in architecture can be a quick and easy way to gain some environmental cache. The Wall and Wall House in Australia isn’t LEED approved and doesn’t have bees on its roof, but the architect Dane Richardson has taken into careful account the integration of the building into its surrounding landscape.


Wall and Wall House by Dane Design Australia

Located in Western Australia (a place that with the recent winter weather looks pretty good from the Architizer offices), the home is based on a building type known in the region as a Special Rural Property. These properties serve a purpose similar to a Gentleman’s Farm, providing a respite for the owners from the rigors of the urban environment. Since these estates are all about getting back to nature, it makes sense that the architectural design would take into account environmental concerns.

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Wall and Wall House by Dane Design Australia