Contemporary Modular Design

Transforming and growing according to the needs of the user is a key characteristic of modular architecture and design. It’s almost like a collaborative process, with the designer creating a system and the consumer implementing it to suit their needs.

Similar to wooden building blocks, the individual units are simple: a square, a rectangle, a tube—a table or chair. In combination the modules become increasingly complex and customizable, changing to fit the situation.

modular modular1 modular2

MIMA House by MIMA Architects

The exterior and interior walls of this prefabricated home can be easily moved, allowing a the homeowner to customize the space.

modular3 modular4 modular5

04 Counter, Tools for Life by OMA for Knoll

Photos: Agostino Osio, courtesy of OMA and Knoll

The 04 Counter is Rem Koolhaas’ signature piece of his line of furniture for Knoll. “Beginning as a monolithic stack of three horizontal beams, the user can rotate the top two beams and transform this wall-like unit into a series of shelves and cantilevered benches—a metamorphosis from a spatial partition to a communal gathering place.”

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Axor Bouroullec by Hansgrohe


The Five Alarm Design Of Contemporary Firehouses


In the Rock – Fire Brigade Magreidbergmeisterwolf architekten, Margreid, Italy

Firefighters have a dangerous job. They also have a unique workweek, normally working 24 hours straight, with two days off. This schedule requires a building that combines work and living space under one roof—not only a garage for the fire truck, but also a kitchen and areas for relaxation and sleep.

Fire Fire1


Fire Station, GavaMestura Arquitectes, Gava, Spain

Traditional firehouse floor plans revolve around the fire pole, allowing quick access to the engines and gear in an emergency. Contemporary firehouses don’t incorporate the sliding pole anymore; safety issues surrounding holes in the floor make it untenable. Architects are also forsaking brick and mortar, using glass, steel, and other modern materials for an updated appearance.

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Parc De BombersArriola & Fiol arquitectes, Montblanc, France



Fire stationDietrich / Untertrifaller Architekten, Sulzberg-Thal, Austria

Monumental Minimalism In House On A Pinewood


House on a Pinewood by sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati

Integrating buildings into the surrounding environment promotes a sense of harmony. The minimalist design of the House on a Pinewood incorporates travertine limestone, the appearance of which matches the surrounding sandy area.



House on a Pinewood by sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati

Travertine is similar in look to marble with visible striations, and occurs through the accumulation of carbonated calcium surrounding hot mineral springs.

pinewood2 pinewood3


House on a Pinewood by sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati

The sculptural and functional stairway doubles as a shelving system, taking advantage of the opportunity for a unique built feature.

The simplicity of the building and implementation of lighting and accessories combine to form a dramatic confluence of the natural and manufactured.

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Austere Modern Design With A Dash Of Colorful Fun


ALH Residence by Mim Design

When Mim Design began the renovation on this Melbourne, Australia home, the design brief focused on incorporating fun, modern touches, while staying true to the original Spanish Mission style. The Malvern East neighborhood, where the house is located, is home to a verdant suburb as well as the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere—the Australian equivalent to the Los Angeles sprawl.

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ALH Residence by Mim Design