Paved The Cemetery And Put In A Parking Lot


The Betsy Ross Bridge in Philadelphia seems like any other. It doesn’t have the grace of the Golden Gate or the history of the Brooklyn Bridge, nor does it draw any acolytes wanting to make the trek across. The structure exists primarily to move people, and this it does well, helping connect Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Most commuters, however, are surely unaware of what the bridge’s foundation is actually built on: a cemetery.

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Photo: K. Scott Kreider


Atlantic City’s Bad Gamble On Revel Casino


Photo: K. Scott Kreider

More than a year ago, Revel, the last casino to be built in Atlantic City in nine years, opened its doors to the public. At the time, Revel’s future seemed rosy: Its first weekend saw Beyonce’s triumphant return to the stage after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy, and revenue forecasts—albeit based on nothing but conjecture—were positive. Even Michelle Obama and her daughters showed up for the opening festivities. In fact, Revel’s appearance on the shore was said to sound the death knell for Atlantic City’s smaller casinos, which had been having problems generating revenue.


Photo: K. Scott Kreider

I was also invited to partake in a panel discussion on the role of casinos related to modern urban development by HuffPostLive.  We were interrupted by breaking news, but talked for around fifteen minutes.  You can watch the discussion here.

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Photo: K. Scott Kreider.