Santa’s Workshop And The Contemporary Workspace


“Santa’s Workshop,” by Wilfred Jackson, 1932.

Is anyone more productive than Santa Claus and his elves? Mythically located at the North Pole, surrounded by fields of ice, the team magically fills handwritten orders, always hitting their deadline of Christmas Day. No one has actually seen inside this mysterious, miraculously industrious factory, but through secondhand accounts it is possible to piece together an idea of the ethos driving this workspace. Remarkably, Santa’s workshop reflects the concerns of contemporary industry: creating fun, open work environments that foster employee satisfaction and productivity all through collaboration.


“Santa’s Workshop,” by Wilfred Jackson, 1932.

Christmas is a time for fun and conversation. Bringing off a successful celebration takes collaboration. The same can be said about the best contemporary work environments and Santa’s Workshop. When you’re opening up the presents around the tree, remember it takes a large team of happy helpers in an open plan work environment to make that moment happen.

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“Santa’s Workshop,” by Wilfred Jackson, 1932.


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