Makers With Agenda


T.4.2 by Makers With Agenda

To have an agenda is to have a distinct plan of action; there is intent as well as commitment.

That’s the thinking behind Makers With Agendas, a new design firm founded byJulien de Smedt of JDS, along with William Ravn and partner Wouten Dons. MWA seeks to directly address the question of design improving the lives of the user. Like de Smedt’s projects with JDS, MWA’s designs focus utility and versatility. “If a design centers exclusively around subjective beauty, I feel cheated,” says de Smedt of his design philosophy. “The concept of beauty is determined culturally; it is forged in our upbringing. It is not something you can completely rationalize. If you can say that a building succeeds in doing what was intended, it is much more beautiful and convincing in my opinion.”

Read the complete article on Architizer here.

makers2 makers3 makers4

Accordion by Makers With Agenda


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