Homes That Break Out Of Winter For An Endless Summer



Fish House by Guz Architects

The 1960s film “Endless Summer” followed a group of surfers from California around the world, chasing the hot weather so they could surf year-round.  But while the surfers in “Endless Summer” were in search of the perfect wave, I just want the perfect place to escape the cold.  Winter 2014 has been a bit exhausting with it’s Polar Vortex, extreme cold, and consistent snow.  Here are a few of a my favorite projects culled from the Architizer Project database for escaping Winter cold.

Read the full article on Architizer here.


Rio Bonito House by Carla Juacaba

EndlessSummer2 EndlessSummer3

Waterfront House Coogee by JPR Architects

EndlessSummer5 EndlessSummer6

Nettelton 199 – Clifton by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects


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