Cats Rule Architecture


A Cabin in a Loft by Terri Chiao

It’s true: cats really do rule everything around us, or at least they act like they do. While some pet lovers may argue that the unquestioning affection of dogs is preferable, cat lovers know that the attention of felines is reserved for those of us with discerning taste… in architecture and companionship.

Cats3 Cats4

Hausboot Silverbeaver by Confused-Direction Design

Cats typically hate water, so a houseboat might seem like the last place they’d like to call home. However, this particular floating home is actually a cat’s paradise, featuring a wood-burning stove to warm up by and carpeted perches on the wall designed specifically for the feline residents.


Softbox TiriPiri by ARHIS

This eco-conscious vacation home makes use of geothermal heat and solar panels. It also features an amazing split-tread staircase that would be perfect for any cat to climb (and likely trip up their owners!).


coloro-desk / koloro-stool by Torafu

Cats aren’t known for their industrious natures—there’s a reason it’s called a “catnap.” This modular plywood workstation may be perfect for human productivity, but a feline can easily find another use for the in-stool storage.

Read the full article on Architizer here.


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