To Everything Turn, Turn


Haus am Weinberg by UNStudio

In many projects, the incorporation of the natural world into an architect’s design is obvious. Other times, though, the inspiration is not so readily apparent. Take the Haus am Weinberg, for example. This contemporary residence does not blend into its rustic vineyard environment rising out of the hillside. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the architects reflected the terraced slope of the surrounding topography in the very structure of the home, a design they call “the twist.”


Haus am Weinberg by UNStudio

The twist begins at the central axis, from which the interior spaces radiate,stacking upon each other at rotated angles as the building rises like a spiral staircase. The result is that the top floor is cantilevered over the bottom floor, creating a sculptural profile that echoes the slant of the hillside.

Read the complete article on Architizer here.


Haus am Weinberg by UNStudio


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