Making Music With The Architecture Of The Brooklyn Bridge


The sound and performance artist Di Mainstone had an epiphany when walking across the Brooklyn Bridge one day; she realized that it looked a lot like a harp, with the suspension cables resembling the instrument’s strings and the deck and towers mimicking its neck and body.


And the bridge not only looked like a musical instrument. The chatter and footsteps of pedestrians, the low rumble of traffic, and the slight thrum of the suspension wires also evoked the sound of a symphony or piece of music—albeit a slightly cacophonous, often noisy one.

This moment of whimsy has inspired the Human Harp, Di Mainstone’s latest project, which allows one to play the bridge as a musical instrument. The artist envisions the Human Harp as both a physical connection and interactive performance piece.

Read the full piece on Architizer here.


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