Ready And Gable


Balancing Barn by MVRDV, Thorington, GB

The simplest drawing can conjure a home. For instance, a child asked to draw a house will place a triangle on top of a square or rectangle. Unknowingly, he or she has depicted one of the most traditional home designs, the gabled house.


Mirror House by MLRP, Copenhagen.  Photo: STAMERS KONTOR


Polygon Studio by Jeffery S. Poss Architect, Albany, US

In fact, the gable—that is, the triangular shape at each end of a pitched roof—is considered by architects to be an Ur-building, one of the earliest original forms homes took. Once anathema to modern architecture, in recent years the gable has made a comeback, with designers embracing the once ersatz detail.

Read the full article on Architizer here.


Summer Hous by Judith Benzer Architektur, Burgenland, Austria 


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