Kandinsky’s Color Theory Translated Into Architecture


YOUNG DISABLED MODULS///g.bang/// josé javier gallardo, Zaragoza, Spain

Wassily Kandinsky’s art explored the relationship between color and its viewers. He eschewed the greys, browns, and blacks of Cubism, embracing color as the primary vehicle for expression. In doing so he completely separated painting from a need to depict a subject. The goal of Kandinsky’s art was to capture music in a plastic medium, to evoke the same feelings a piece of music could evoke through shades and hues.


Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky. Image via Wikipaintings

The theories he developed about color and meaning would prove influential in all creative fields, with the De Stijl movement expanding his philosophies and incorporating color into industrial design and architecture. Employing the color wheel, Kandinsky went through each hue, explaining the feelings it evoked, emotions it captured, and the sound it “made.”

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123 social green housing in MadridSOMOS.arquitectos, Madrid


Falcon HeadquartersRojkind Arquitectos, San Angel, Mexico


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