Design For A Pleasing Commute


Wolkon by feld72 architekten zt gmbh, Mistelbach-Paasdorf, Austria

Designing bus stops and stations doesn’t have the cache of revolutionizing mass transportation (à la the Hyperloop). Even riding the bus seems to be a lower form of public transportation when compared with a subway or train. Some urban planners such as Robert Moses designed highways and roads with bridge overpasses so low a bus couldn’t fit under.


Busstop Park+Ride Citybus Groningen by Lysbeth de Groot, Hoogkerk, Netherlands

The truth is buses are the workhorses of regional transport. They ease urban congestion and provide a green solution to commuting. And they—and their stations and stops—comprise a vital part of the metro area’s infrastructure and character, seen and used by many more people throughout its lifespan than the average home.

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Bus Station Osijek by Rechner Architects, Osijek, Croatia


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