Get Sun! Everything You Need To Know About Passive Solar Design


Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect

Imagine freedom from paying your bills. Not all of them, of course. Just a few—namely gas, oil, and electric.

Building a house using passive solar design principles can allow the home to go off the grid for all or many heating and cooling needs. And, with today’s technologies and innovations, without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

Modern architects have harnessed the power of the sun since the 1930s. But it was rare: Builders struggled to integrate the beauty of architecture with the utilitarian aspect of engineering. It wasn’t until the oil and energy crisis of the ’70s forced architects to think of creative design solutions that solar passive techniques finally gained traction.

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CliffHouse CliffHouse1

Cliff House by Altius Architecture, Inc


Vashon Island Cabin by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects


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