The Cube Pop-Up Takes Dining To New Heights


The Cube by Park Associati

To be effective, a pop-up restaurant needs a sense of theater. The experience should be tantalizingly ephemeral, lasting only as long as the tastes and smells coming out of the kitchen. Architecture’s role is to provide the perfect space for the drama to unfold.


The Cube by Park Associati

Some projects amplify the excitement by placing a restaurant somewhere it’s never been before. The Cube by Park Associati, a traveling pop-up sponsored by Electrolux kitchen appliances, takes the idea of unexpected restaurant placement to new heights: the restaurants alight on the top of monumental structures, such as the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, becoming sleek, modern interlopers among classical architecture. There are two versions of this modular restaurant traveling through European cities on a three-year schedule.

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The Cube by Park Associati


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